Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's my party, and I'll...

By Barca Blog - In an email to the rest of the McGugin staff today, Vanderbilt Ticket Manager Eric Jones did his best sales job to recruit some help from around the building.

"There are some events that you just feel compelled to mark on your just don't want to miss them. You look forward to all the fun and frivolity while knowing that you are doing something that is going to help you be a better person."

Jones was talking about the Annual Football Season Ticket Renewal Stuffing Party, which is not as glamorous as he made it sound. As I type, ticket staffers are packaging over 5,000 renewals by hand to be sent out to Commodore fans in the near future (a pretty daunting task when you think about it). The good news is that over 500 people have already taken advantage of the online renewal at, which saves this crew a lot of time, not to mention an unhealthy amount of blisters and paper cuts.

We are also keeping count of record times throughout the day. In the first heat, Group Sales head Rebecca Kelley turned in the most impressive performance, stuffing 35 envelopes in 10 minutes. Ticket intern Corey Pelot finished second with 28 in that same span. Marketing guru Conrad Bradburn finished in last place, filling one envelope in just under five minutes (although he did go above and beyond by sealing it).

The deadline to renew football season tickets is April 6, so make sure you reserve your seats immediately when your form comes in the mail. Tickets will be hotter than ever with the Commodores coming off their first bowl win since 1955. For more information, call (615) 322-GOLD or click here.


  1. Geez, tell Conrad not to work too hard... :)

  2. Looks like that Rebecca girl is cheating... Maybe thats how she won