Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Postgame photos

by Barca Blog - The next few posts (above) will be some photos I took after Vanderbilt outlasted Kansas State in the NCAA Second Round last night in Albuquerque. By the way, our bus didn't arrive at McGugin until 3 a.m. CT, so that's why I'm just getting around to this!

When players, coaches (and even staff) walked out of the arena, a chorus of cheers came from family members and fans each time the exit door opened. It was kind of fun just waiting to see who would pop out of the door next... and how that person would react to the ovation. I also have to say it was really classy when this same Commodore crowd applauded Kansas State's team on their way out. Just a good gesture of sportsmanship.

The above photo is of senior Christina Wirth with her family. Wirth had another lights out performance at The Pit, finishing with 24 points and seven rebounds.

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