Friday, March 20, 2009

One team

(On the road with the women's basketball team in Albuquerque for the NCAA Tournament)

By Barca Blog -
Head Coach Melanie Balcomb addressed the press earlier today to discuss the Commodores' NCAA First Round matchup with Western Carolina.

Balcomb was asked about what she's learned from the tournament over the years:

"I think it's about momentum, players feeling well about how they are practicing and really focusing on yourself, just like we have tried to do previously. It's all about one team, and one team only. We don't look past anybody or talk about anybody else. We try to treat it a lot like the SEC Tournament down the stretch.

"I'm just trying to get them to continue their momentum. We played so well for three games back to back to back, and then coming off a championship in the SEC. Were trying to keep everything positive at this point."

You could say Balcomb knows a thing or two about March Madness. She's led the Commodores to the NCAA Tournament in each of her seven seasons on West End with three Sweet 16's in that span.

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