Monday, March 23, 2009

Shootaround, Take Two

By Weinman - We're back at The Pit for shootaround in preparation of tonight's game against Kansas State (8:45 p.m. CT, ESPN2 & 560-AM WNSR). During their stay here, the Commodores have used the men's basketball locker room at The Pit just like last year. You've surely read about the ramp system at The Pit, and the locker rooms are located in what they call the "mid-ramp" -- from there you have to take a ramp up to get to the practice facility (which is serving as the media room) and you have to take a ramp down to get to the court.

The locker room is well-appointed, with wooden lockers that include graphic name plates for each player, a flat-screen TV and plenty of space for team meetings or just hanging out. As part of the renovation of The Pit, the Lobos' lockerrooms will be moved up to the Davalos Center and the space that the Commodores currently occupy will be turned into a visiting locker room.

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