Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Montoya/Healy Evening

By Weinman - When the Commodores left for their game this afternoon, the team hotel was preparing to celebrate the Montoya/Healy wedding. Upon arrival back at the hotel after the game, the reception was in full effect, and right next to Vanderbilt's post-game meal, at that. The Commodores were invited in by the bride and immediately took to the dance floor to enjoy a few songs before calling it a night.

Of course, very best wishes to the happy couple!


  1. Your ladies' basketball team is a class act! When they were invited to join in the dancing at Matt's and Geri's reception, the energy level in the ballroom rose to a new height. They are terrific dancers and motivated many attending the reception to join in. They were very willing to pose for pictures with the bride, our grand daughter and the father of the groom. I know these pictures will be included in the wedding albums! An article about this event even appeared in our local Albuquerque journal.

    The girls definitely made this joyous celebration even more memorable!

    You will definitely have more fans (the Healy and Montoya clan) as you play in the next round. Good luck in the NCAA tournament....we will be cheering you on from Albuquerque!

    Shelley Healy (aka Mother of the Groom)

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to dance with my daughter. You are an inspiration to her, and made her night. You made my night as well, because I am more of the wallflower and she likes to dance :) I am sure there is a future basketball player within her. She has not let me forget that she wants to find a team to start playing with. Again, thank you for your time with her. I wish you the best of luck with the tournament and your future aspiration.

    Melissa Healy

  3. VUDores, Lexington, KYMarch 25, 2009 at 11:24 AM

    I am so proud of this basketball team, both on and off of the court. They are amazing young ladies, and that reflects, not only on themselves and their parents, but also on the coaching staff, the team, and Vanderbilt University. With all of the problems associated with sports, young women such as these are a joy to watch. They love their teammates and that is reflected by their dedication and desire on the court. Good luck ladies, and it's off to Raleigh. GO DORES!!

  4. Awesome!
    Alex Montoya (The bride's uncle)