Friday, March 27, 2009

Different is good?

by Barca Blog - So what kind of difference does a year make when Vanderbilt and Maryland square off for the second consecutive season in the Sweet Sixteen? The topic was addressed by both teams during Friday's media day.

Vanderbilt head coach Melanie Balcomb: "I did watch last year's game a few times and I am sure they (Maryland) have as well. We are very different. I think they are very different as well. They had two great players in the post that really hurt us. Now Toliver and Coleman are dominating this team and are much improved on the perimeter. They have new looks inside and a new supporting cast. Losing Hannah (Tuomi) changed us quickly, made us a different player than we were last year. We don't have the inside presence that we had so we are more guard oriented."

Christina Wirth: "Over the past year I have replayed it a few times. I haven't actually watched it but I have a pretty good memory and can remember some of the plays and how the game started. They're a good team, but at the same time, they are a very different Maryland team and we are a very different team as well and that presents much different matchups. I'm sure our coaches have watched it and hit the high points for us, but more than anything I am excited about this game and not focused on last year."

Maryland head coach Brenda Frese: "You always go back and look on film to see how the game unfolded. But we're a different team and so is Vanderbilt. You always want to, at this time of year, go through as much film as possible."

Kristi Toliver: "They're very similar, but their post presence isn't nearly as strong as it was last year. They're smaller but they run the same stuff and the same style. It's all about playing smart, taking care of the ball, and running through the motions. It'll be a similar game plan, but hopefully we'll be able to execute it like we did last year."

And since "different" is the theme, it's time for the video of the day. Check out this clip from one of my favorite shows as a youngster. A couple of notes... (1) Did you know Shavar Ross (Dudley) also played T.C.'s son on Magnum, P.I.? (2) The laugh track should be banished from all sitcoms and (3) Gary Coleman was 32 when this episode was filmed (just kidding).

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