Thursday, March 19, 2009

I can see Albuquerque from my house

(On the road with the women's basketball team in Albuquerque for the NCAA Tournament)

By Barca Blog -
This is my first post from The Land of Enchantment... also known as the great state of New Mexico. We arrived in the ABQ just after 7 o'clock Mountain Daylight time tonight.

It was a smooth flight in just under three hours courtesy of American Airlines. We were joined on the plane by the best band in the land, the Spirit of Gold.

After we checked into the Marriott, we had a quick bite to eat and then called it a night. Definitely need some rest because tomorrow will be a long day with shoot around and media day at The Pit plus an afternoon practice.

I'll post a couple of my pictures from earlier tonight in the next few entries (above). Make sure you stay with VUcommodores' blog for road updates and also keep up with us on Twitter.


  1. Glad you liked ABQ, I read about you gals going to a wedding Sat.night but cannot find any photos can you repost please. That is an awesome picture...Good Luck from Abq

  2. yes, here's the pic you're looking for: