Thursday, March 19, 2009


(On the road with the women's basketball team in Albuquerque for the NCAA Tournament)

By Barca Blog -
On the flight to Albuquerque, I noticed Charlie Mattos glued to his iPod. So of course, I felt it was my civic duty to find out what the voice of Commodore women's basketball was watching so intently. Shakespeare maybe? The Dark Knight? 60 Minutes?

Nah, he was catching up on the latest episodes of King of the Hill. Believe it or not, Hank Hill and the crew are in their 13th season on the air (yes, it's still going). Even more impressive? Mattos is in his 14th year providing the sounds of the game for Vanderbilt fans across the world.

Mattos also added that he's a big fan of Lost and planned to save those episodes for later.

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  1. Yes, King of the Hill is still going, but the series is ending after 2009-2010.