Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Renewing FB Tickets On-Line

I just learned that over 600 of our football season ticket holders (1,000 tickets) have already renewed their 2009 tickets the easy way -- on-line. Some other schools have a higher percentage but this is a pretty good starting point for us.

Those of you that didn't renew on-line will need to wait as our ticket office staff sorts through paper applications, stuffs envelopes and trucks over to the post office. Then you have to do the same thing from your home or office back to us. This "old way" requires postage, manpower and time. You can renew on-line at your convenience, 24/7.

We'll be renewing basketball tickets on-line when the time comes -- think about it!


  1. how do you renew online? i still haven't got my papers to renew through the office.

  2. If you didn't receive an email about the renewing online, then paper applications will be mailed next week. the renewal deadline is the first week of april. if you have any more questions, please contact the ticket office at 615.322.GOLD. thanks for your support!