Saturday, March 7, 2009

McGugin's Biggest Loser Update

For McGugin's Biggest Loser, Spring Has Sprung
By Eric Jones

The contest is now officially in the final stretch, so everyone that has been saying that they are waiting for it to get warmer outside to workout, is out of excuses. I mean, come on, even head baseball coach Tim Corbin is wondering what must be going on to have a 75 degree day in early March. Usually it is snow and ice for that guy, but he always gets in nine innings.
The weather is getting nicer just in time for what is proving to be a tight race. Team Gold lost some of their momentum this past week, staying even at 97.5 lbs lost (2.524% of body weight lost). Team Black gained the momentum losing 7 lbs on the week while increasing their team total to 92 lbs lost (2.187% of body weight lost).

Top Five Losers for each team are:
Team Gold:
Brett Wulke (12.3%)
Beth Turner (4.76%)
Greg Allen (4.50%)
Brandon Barca (4.29%)
Candice Lee (4.12%)

Team Black:
Jason Silvers (7.85%)
Eric Jones (5.75%)
Tim House (5.05%)
George Midgett (4.62%)
Lindsay Rutledge (4.05%)

All 40 Biggest Loser participants also got the chance to sample Vitamin Water at a tasting event in McGugin Center. Triple X emerged as the favorite flavor among participants, but it rebuffed some myths about sports drinks for me personally. It's not the Kool Aid packets that your mom used to buy at the grocery store and likely more nutritious. I was disappointed however that it did not allow me to run faster on a treadmill and or be any closer to spelling pomegranate (an extract that is supposed to be good for you that is in Triple X) without spellcheck.
I hope it didn't make for any hard feelings between Glaceau and Coke, but apparently not as Coke was also nice enough to drop off some Coke Zero for participants along with two iPod nano's have been donated by Coca Cola as prizes for the top female and top male (largest percentage of body weight lost) on the winning team.

Next blog, what does spring weather mean for workout routines.

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