Thursday, March 19, 2009

Airplane shopping

(On the road with the women's basketball team in Albuquerque for the NCAA Tournament)

By Barca Blog -
Getting sidetracked for a moment... As you may already know, there are two things that are a must when flying: honey roasted peanuts and Sky Mall magazine.

Well, let me tell you, the Early Spring 2009 issue of Sky Mall does not disappoint. Just look at the cover (pictured). Yes, you can now own a limited-edition Star Trek Captain's Chair life-size replica!

Good thing we were asked to turn off our cellphones while the plane was in flight, or impulsive shopping may have resulted in a $2,717 bill for this fine piece of furniture.

One other item worth noting: Jumpin Jammerz offers footed pajamas for adults (the search is over!). Jammerz brags about how their product is "great for dancing, goofing around, and let's not forget sleeping, too." Sign me up!

On second thought, I might have to get one for intern Travis instead.

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