Friday, May 15, 2009

Frank and Friends make their comeback

(Photo by John Russell) - After more than a year of seclusion, Frank the Dancin' Dog, Commander Ketchup and Musta Rhymes are back. The mascot trio performed in front of a capacity crowd Thursday night in Vanderbilt's game against Tennessee, ending speculation of their possible return.

The comeback topic was long debated throughout the week... mainly due to an extensive investigation by Doreline NBC which culminated in an exclusive interview that aired Wednesday on Frank may have avoided Doreline's questioning then, but fired back by banning the news group from Hawkins Field after he considered their work to be nothing but tabloid journalism.

"I do it for the fans and not the media," Frank proclaimed before exiting the stadium in good spirits.

If you missed the group's latest dance medley, which includes the introduction of the newest member of the Dog family, Baby Brat, then watch below. (And here's a link to an archive of Doreline's news on Frank - click here)


  1. Hooray for Frank, Ketchup, and Mustard!! And Baby Brat is the best!!! We, your true fans, KNEW that you would make a comeback!!!!!!

  2. My vote is for the little weiner...

  3. There obviously wasn't enough magic from Frank last night in the loss to UT. Frank better have something even more special in the tank for tonight's game.