Wednesday, May 27, 2009


by Barca Blog - Thanks to Will for alerting me that "Barca" is one of the most searched words on Twitter today. I guess some of you out there are really excited that I'll be making the trip to Louisville for the NCAA regional (I'm really touched folks). Here's a sample of what millions of people are saying about me at this very second on Twitter:

BalkanSeesaw: That's true! Bravo Barca!

JustcallmeMac: You don't have to be sorry. I don't like Barca, too ;))

rcb92777: sounds like barca dominated

larasati: Had soooo much FUN!!! Thanks to Barca and all the dudes! Going home now

StevenYip: Awesome Barca!

ashwintitan: hate to admit it but barca played it well

msw0928: Yay for barca!!! :)

mokomajazzliisa: Let's say BARCA!!!!!!!!!!!

Tamora72: depressed, but they were outclassed by Barca

TypoTravis: Typo, Barca, Typo!!!!!!!!!!!

joshgardner: Barca deserved it 100%, ten times better on the night. Such a shame.

maggas15: Woot! Barca are the Champions!!

Kwickks: YEYYYY!!! Well done to barca even if they do weep and hug like girlies!

happycat1992: it's sad, but still... Congratulations Barca

WastedJoker: Well we were well beaten by an excellent barca

WeAreBuggles: Hell yeah, Barca!

danyewest87: Come on the BARCA !!!!! :D

Pazuzu_hsp: who's barca?

hatuF1: Barca was pretty much untouchable.

lavilicious: Not gonna lie, I'm upset that Barca beat us.

marcodegouveia: Barca is just too good

BombaySamuel: you get it, barca!

aebdellagiacoma: just might have to wear my barca jersey to the office tomorrow


  1. Dude, you have a warped sense of humor.

  2. Congratulations, Barca! You are the MAN!

  3. Hey, I see my name! Lol