Saturday, May 23, 2009

And it is LSU

by SID - A long day at the yard is complete as LSU just defeated Georgia, 3-2, to advance to Sunday's championship game against the Commodores.

It will be a battle of the last two tournament champs as the Tigers won in 2008 and Vanderbilt in 2007.

LSU is trying to achieve the same feat VU did in 2007, losing the first game of the tourney (4-1 to the Commodores) and running off five straight wins to the title.

The Dores were done with their game early in the afternoon and have spent most of the time resting up for Sunday's contest. The Tigers will have about eight to nine hours of rest before getting back out again in search of back-to-back crowns.

Can't wait.

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  1. Weird day at the park. Three games, 21 innings (well, actually, about 20.3 innings) played. Hope they can get this one in today.