Friday, May 22, 2009

Scoreboard damage

by Barca Blog - After the Commodores finished practice, I headed over to Regions Park to catch the two SEC Tournament elimination games on Friday. Before I let intern Travis tell the story, I'll show you a a picture of what the scoreboard in right-center looks like (for those of you that have never visited the stadium). It's a pretty massive structure.. In fact, Aaron Westlake hit a moonshot off the signage on the right side during last night's win over South Carolina.

Anyway, when I first walked into the press box, I had two messages from Travis titled "That Just Happened." I'll let his emails tell the story.

Email 1: Zack Cox of Arkansas just blasted a line-shot off the top of the letter "R" on the Regions Park scoreboard. It went at least 450 ft. maybe closer to 500 ft. No joke. The ball is stuck at the top and never came down.

Email 2: Just over heard that the top of the score board in right center is 65 ft. tall and he hit the very tip. Can we get a Steve Stone, "How far did it fly? ... 485 happy feet."

Upon hearing this news, I snapped two photos for the blog. You can see the damage to the 'R' in the picture above (click to make larger).

Then, I gave intern Travis a bottle of Deep Woods Off insect repellent and a bag of delicious Golden Flake chips (Dill Pickle flavor, Thin & Crispy). I ordered him and sidekick Marcus Hedgehog Shanks to lead a search committee of SEC Tournament volunteers to find the ball. I haven't heard from Travis for five hours. He's either searching left and right and leaving no stone unturned... or is still working on his postgame notes from Wednesday's win over LSU.


  1. The feat is a lot less impressive when you discover Cox is using one of the juiced stealth composite bats.

  2. Is Hedgehog Shanks the same guy that monitors the promotional quality controls during the midweek games at Hawkins Field