Friday, May 22, 2009

Commodores prevail

by Barca Blog - Stay with us over the next 24 hours for complete coverage of Vanderbilt's thrilling 5-4 win over South Carolina. Just because Friday is technically an off day since the 'Dores advanced to the semifinal round, that doesn't mean the blog will shutdown... The hours may be reduced, though, if approved by my superiors.
Photo by Jimmy Jones

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  1. 2 near perfect games for the dores...thats what great pitching, great defence and a big park will do for you...the worm had to turn..too many bad breaks during the season...the guys were frustrated and are playing with a chip on their shoulders..both mike and sonny pitched like first round draft choices and the team has played real good college defence....johnathon white has come up really big..great to see...and the middle of the line-up is showing that they are as good as any middle of the line-up in the SEC..the big question now is...who starts from here on...they have played their 2 aces and caleb is hurt...they might try to piece it together from here on..a day off is huge....they really have a history now of playing great in this tournment...the toughest in the country...corbin and his staff really are special...heard they signed the grandson of carl yastrimski for next yr and you know they have some good redshirts this yr...VandyPitcher