Friday, May 15, 2009

Stallings appointed to ethics coalition

INDIANAPOLIS--- Vanderbilt head men’s basketball coach Kevin Stallings has been appointed to the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Ethics Coalition, an independent committee of current and former basketball coaches. The group will be charged with promoting ethical conduct through leadership, education and mentoring.

The newly established NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Ethics Coalition held its first meeting last week in Indianapolis. The coalition board will consist of 14 members, including 11 head men’s basketball coaches, two assistant coaches and one former head coach.

“Coaches have as large a role in improving the men’s basketball environment as anyone and it’s important to hold each other accountable,” said John Beilein, University of Michigan head men’s basketball coach and chair of the coalition. “The majority of coaches want to make the right decisions and stay competitive in an ethical manner. This new coalition provides a needed opportunity for us to examine ethical issues and provide a forum for discussion to make so many areas of our great game even better.”

The coalition board will identify key rules and issues that challenge the coaching community in making ethical decisions. The board will provide guidance about those types of issues and serve as mentors and as a resource for the men’s basketball community.

Members of the coalition board are: John Beilein, Michigan (chair); Jeff Capel, Oklahoma; Johnny Dawkins, Stanford; Phil Martelli, St. Joseph’s; Dave Odom, University of South Carolina (former head coach); Al Skinner, Boston College; Kevin Stallings, Vanderbilt; Brad Stevens, Butler; Gary Stewart, UC Davis; and Doug Wojcik, Tulsa. Two assistant coaches, a current head coach, and a former head coach will be added to the coalition in the near future.

The NCAA has worked to positively influence the men’s basketball environment through a number of initiatives. These include the oversight provided by the Division I Men’s Basketball Issues Committee, the focus on youth basketball through the partnership with the NBA, as well as the work to enhance the enforcement of NCAA rules through the Basketball Focus Group.

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  1. I am very proud to see thst Coach Stallings has been appointed to this committee. It is a great credit to him and the the University that he has been selected on a committe to promote ethical conduct and be able to shape leadership and mentoring of present and future coaches. His example and influence, not only on the lives of these young men who play for us, but for all others in atheltics is the kind of message Vanderbilt can tske tremendous pride and comfort in. Coach, we are very proud of you and thankful for a basketball coach like you.