Monday, April 13, 2009

On a side note

By A. Boggs -On a side note, Andre Walker was wearing a different number and a different style of practice jersey at the weight lifting session today.  So I asked him about it.

AB: "Did we get new practice gear?  Or did you go out and buy that?  It looks different."

AW:  "Naw, this is Red’s (Alex Gordon) jersey from a few years ago."

AB:  "Serious?  You can fit in that?"

AW:  "Yeah, it’s a little snug, but I can get into it.  He’s knows I have it."

AB: "Okay.  I like it.  It’s got that Oregon thing going on with it with the type on the front."

AW:  "Nice and simple isn’t it?"


  1. I think this is great. I hope Andre can have half the energy and enthusiasm Red had on the court!

  2. andre walker is a beast

  3. Looks good all sec next year