Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mel Kiper's plug

by Rocket - You may be as weary of NFL Draft speculation as I am but ESPN ended its SportsCenter last night (Tuesday) by bringing back its draft guru, Mel Kiper, to chat about the 2010 draft forecast.

I opted to listen since it was not quite time for NCIS. Anchor Linda Cohn asked Mel if Sam Bradford would be the No. 1 pick and they moved on to discuss his top five running backs and wide receivers.

As they concluded the segment, Cohn asks Kiper who would be the next draft's hot guy that is essentially unknown to the football world at this time.

Kiper says, and I paraphrase closely, when you think about draft picks you think about the SEC and Vanderbilt has put quite a few people into the NFL. (they show film of D.J. Moore) The Chicago Bears have five Vanderbilt alums on their roster and D.J. Moore could have been the steal of the entire draft in the fourth round. Next year watch out for Myron Lewis, another cornerback. He's not 5-foot 9, he's 6-foot 2. He's not 185 pounds, he's 210 pounds. He could project to be quite a player and is certainly someone to watch.

Kiper does his homework. He talks to hundreds of people involved in college and professional football. His endorsement doesn't mean Lewis is a lock for greatness but it is another sign that Vanderbilt football continues to be on the move. The pipeline is still flowing.

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  1. I'm disappointed that this story wasn't about Kiper's hair, but glad for Myron to get the pub.