Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Wall: A McGugin's Biggest Loser Obstacle in Week 5.

Officially powering the 2009 McGugin's Biggest Loser Competition

The Wall: No Time for Gold Brickin'

By Eric Jones - Five weeks in and half way there (Whoa-oh, livin on a prayer) for McGugin's Biggest Loser. The Wall looms large now at the halfway point as it is tougher to fight one's own human body. Half pound losses are valued much more. If not for Brandon Barca's first weigh-in since week one, Team Gold would have gained two pounds. As it happened Barca's 10 lbs (over five weeks) pre-wedding weigh-in put Team Gold down by 8 cumulative pounds for the week. Overall, the team is down 80.5 lbs which equates to 2.0844% cumulative weight lost. Team Black also gutted out a shallow week losing just 2 lbs and is 5 lbs off the Gold pace with 1.7832% total body weight lost.

But make no mistake, the Wall looms large for many contestants. It's amazing how you think you are doing well, eating an apple for lunch for a whole week then you find out, you gained a pound. Stupid Jared, and his "Five Dollar Footlongs." More than one teammate was muttering, "I should have just eaten a bag of Kettle Corn at the UK game."

I am personally attacking my own Biggest Loser Wall by attempting to find a way to download my old copy of Pink Floyd's iconic classic "The Wall" onto my iPod. The only thing this is successfully doing is making my head hurt, as I try to understand the lyrics of Roger Waters. Maybe that burns calories too or maybe I just don't have the proper laser light show package for my treadmill.

There has also been an increasing interest in some team sports including a renegade noon basketball game several days a week that has already popped at least one creaky hamstring.

At least next week we will get some help from our sponsors as Smart Water will be introducing some new flavors to both teams on Friday, February 27. If that doesn't work, it's back to leaving Ho-Ho's and donuts for members of the opposing team.

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