Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back in 1963

By Barca Blog - Fans attending today's baseball home opener will notice some changes to Hawkins Field, especially the permanent bleacher seating that surrounds the outfield wall. I received this email and picture (click photo for larger image) from Vanderbilt baseball alum Jim Waggoner to give you an indication of how that same field looked back in the day.

I believe my father took this picture in about 1963......the Vandy team bench was down the first base dug out or cover but some type of new dug out was under construction behind wall or fence around the home plate admission.

We didn't win many games....we had a good Coach (Coach Harley Boss) could hear his voice from deep centerfield....wooden bats.....Coach Boss called the old Jackie Robinson thick handled bat the "Saturday Evening Post"....Coach Harley died of heart failure in 1965 or 1966...

The amazing thing is that today several players from this team and this era are actively supporting the current team and Coach Corbin.....from as far away as Virginia and Florida.

Jim Waggoner '63

Thanks to Jim for sending in the picture and story. With the addition of bleacher seating, etc., baseball season tickets are available for the first time in three years. To order your tickets, click here. We'll see you at the park today.

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