Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It was written in the stars

Stars. Stars. And more stars.

That's all you really seem to hear about on National Signing Day.

Was he underrated? Overrated? A steal? A stretch?

It's nice to speculate about the potential of the new signees, but you never truly know what you're going to get until they arrive on campus. You could get a diamond in the rough like Chris Williams, who was given a two-star assessment by, and ended up being a first-round pick in the NFL Draft last year.

And sure, this might end up being Coach Johnson's best class yet... and there's good reason to be excited, especially since he received 12 3-star commitments, the most in his tenure on West End.

But the star ratings really don't matter until the new bunch hits the field and tries to make that big jump from high school to college.

"It doesn't carry much significance with me," Johnson said of the star ratings at Wednesday's press conference. "It just matters how many stars that we got out of them when they get here. Their performance here is going to be the key. I think all of them have five-star capabilities.

"When you look at it, a lot of guys that come out of high school never get better, and a lot of guys come out and prove a great deal. I think we've probably had a bigger history of getting guys coming out and getting better here and thriving in our systems and taking advantage of the coaching they get here and they get better. We're looking for the stars when they get here."

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