Thursday, February 26, 2009

Biggest Loser Race Heating Up

Team Gold Shines in McGugin's Biggest Loser Contest

Monday found me preparing to broadcast the Vanderbilt-California baseball game onsite in Berkeley, California. Thomas Samuel of Vanderbilt Athletic Communications had successfully duped me into believing that the hilly terrain of the San Francisco Bay Area that we experienced had more than made up for the gigantic dessert binge we were enjoying. That almost made sense to me until I remembered we mostly drove around on the interstate.

The news for Team Black wasn't bad (down another 10 lbs), but it was Team Gold that dropped 17 lbs on the week. After six weeks, Team Gold has lost a total of 98 lbs (2.52% of total body weight) and Team Black has lost 85 lbs (2.02% of total body weight).

As in all competition, there are some individuals that standout such as operations intern Brett Wulke for the Team Gold. Brett is training for the Music City Marathon and has lost 22 lbs to pace Gold. Wulke claims he still has some room to improve, but I certainly hope he has thinned down about as far as possible. Team Black is led by Jason Silvers (marketing) who has melted 17 lbs away primarily by sheer willpower and a newfound commitment to witchcraft. If it isn't witchcraft, then he is just eating way too healthy. There are a total of nine individuals who have joined the 10 lbs Club, losing 10 or more lbs: Greg Allen (Golf), Mr. Brandon Barca (Web Marketing and Communications), Candice Lee (Compliance Guru) and Brett Wulke (Operations) for Team Gold. Team Black includes Tim House (Marketing), Myself (Eric Jones, Ticket Office), George Midgett (Compliance), Jason Silvers (Marketing) and Heather Warf (Business Office).

Tomorrow, we will welcome in our sponsor Smart Water to have a Tasting Party in McGugin Center for all Biggest Loser Participants at 10:30am. Perhaps I will try to get Brett Wulke to try a new experimental flavor: Pepperoni Pizza or Banana Split. Four weeks to go.

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