Friday, February 6, 2009

McGugin's Biggest Loser Powered By Coke Zero and Smart Water

McGugin's Biggest Loser has officially hit the big time as Coke Zero and SmartWater have signed on to be partners in what is becoming a tight race between Vanderbilt Athletic Staff. I wrote this next thought to my teammates on Team Black to encourage them to eat healthy and exercise this weekend leading up to the Monday morning weigh-in. There aren't too many iconic names out there that truly represent the American way of life. At a time when many traditional American companies are selling out to investors in Europe, it's great to know that Vanderbilt has got one of the big ones, in Coca Cola. In addition, Coke Zero and Sprite Zero are starting to disappear from the Vanderbilt media room cooler much faster these days, because some of us just don't want to give up our cola. Now Smart Water is coming into the picture with more of our student-athletes carrying it around McGugin. Take heed Biggest Loser Teams, there might be a lesson there.

Here are this week's stats:

Team Gold: 54 Total lbs lost (1.39% of total body weight lost)

Team Black: 44.5 Total lbs lost (1.06% of total body weight lost)

Next time around, answers to the probing question: What's on your iPod, or in my case Walkman when you get on the treadmill or for a walk around your neighborhood? I can't help but think some of my fellow Loser contestants have a Kenny Loggins or Frank Stallone blast from the past banging off the inside of their heads while in the Zone (Danger Zone that is).

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