Thursday, February 19, 2009

Alex Hilliard Q&A

By Barca Blog - Centerfielder Alex Hilliard talks about the Commodores' season-opening baseball trip to California this weekend.

On entering the starting lineup:

"It’s going to be a cool thing, but I just try to stay as humble as possible and just have fun with the guys. It’s a great opportunity to be able to play with a lot of these guys out here, like Harris and Giobbi and Minor and guys like that. So, we’re just going to have a lot of fun out there in California."

On his development as a player:

"Just working extremely hard ever since I’ve been here… Ever since my freshman year I’ve been playing behind a lot of the great names who have played here. When I came here, I played behind Pedro and got in the outfield behind Macias and Dom and guys like that. Just to get out here and watch those guys play and see how they work, I feel like that was something to help me blossom as a player and use what I’ve learned from watching those guys play."

On his personality:

"I try to work hard and have fun. I play hard every game, every inning and every pitch."

On the opening series at Stanford:

"All of the guys on the team are really excited to get out there and give it our best shot. We’ve been working really hard. This program is built around working hard. Coach Corbin does a very good job of that, and all of the coaches do. They really get behind us as far as practice, and preach about practicing how we play. So, we’ve been working hard for this first game as a whole. I’m just really excited about playing along with the rest of these guys."

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