Friday, February 26, 2010

Video: Next American Idol?

by Barca Blog

With American Idol in the middle of its 9th season, Travis stopped by women's basketball practice to see if any of the Commodores could make the cut on the popular show. Watch the audition footage below.

Also, make sure you come out and support the team, especially the four seniors, in their final home game Sunday at 12 p.m. CT. The Commodores are asking all fans in attendance to wear blue in support of the "Well Worth It" campaign, which is committed to preventing waterborne diseases caused by contaminated water and inadequate sanitation systems in rural Kenya. Read More

(Thanks to Aaron for editing the video)


  1. It's great to see those kids having fun...You Go Gals!!! Love the chemistry which may be one of the reasons these kids seem to play so well together.

  2. You all ROCK! American Idol will be waiting for all of you ! You are all winners in my book!