Thursday, February 18, 2010

Funeral fund for Rajaan Bennett

Courtesy of Michael Carvell, Atlanta Journal Constitution

McEachern High School has set up a fund for anyone who wants to contribute toward the funeral arrangements of football star Rajaan Bennett, who died on Thursday.

The recent Vanderbilt football signee was the victim of an apparent murder-suicide in his north Georgia residence.

To donate, please send checks made out to the McEachern Endowment Fund with “Rajaan Bennett Memorial” written in the bottom left corner. McEachern High School’s address is 2400 New Macland Road, Powder Springs, GA 30127. For more information, please call 770-222-3710.

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  1. This really sadden me that envy and jealousy would lead to a grown my shooting down this manchild in the prime of his life. Karma will see him jail for life. I lost my sister in Atlanta to gun violent for these same reasons. My prayer are with his family

  2. I am truly sorry for your lost! GOD will see you through, some how! It is never easy. I lost my father in 1969, he was murdered in the prime of his life! I was eleven years old, he left 5 of us from 8-12 years old, 40 years and it still hurts. GOD has been with us and I know he will help you too.
    Stay Blessed,
    Stevie Ellis