Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Buyer Beware!

by Rocket

Anybody care to guess how many counterfeit tickets turned up at the entry doors to Memorial Gymnasium for last Saturday's game with Kentucky?

If you said "54" you are either very insightful or employed by our ticket office.

That's right - there are some sorry souls out there who went to what appears to be considerable lengths to print high quality fake tickets and then unloaded them on unsuspecting fans otherwise shut out of the big game and desperate to watch it in person.

How desperate?

One victim reported to us that he paid $800 for what he thought was a seat in a good location. He wasn't happy. The average price for fake tickets so far as we can tell was about $250 a pop. (Maybe our ticket price is too low!!)

This isn't the first counterfeit scheme and it sadly won't be the last but please believe us when we urge you to take extreme care when purchasing any tickets for Vanderbilt Commodore games outside of our own box office. Some of you have bought street tickets for years and never got burned. Consider yourself lucky. We could introduce you to quite a line of fans that paid hard-earned cash, only to realize at the gate that they were holding a worthless piece of paper that just happened to look exactly like our game ticket. In many games, even we can't tell legit from fake until we try to scan the barcode. We've seen good folks get scammed in both football and basketball.

Our advice is "Buyer Beware". If you don't know the seller and it seems a little too good to be true, it just might be.

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