Tuesday, February 16, 2010

MBB injury updates

by Barca Blog

Head coach Kevin Stallings discussed the health of John Jenkins and Andre Walker during last night's call-in show (listen here). Stallings said:

"I'm not trying to throw any curveballs at Mississippi. John practiced (Monday). He actually practiced more than we thought he would. I thought he would get in for just a few minutes and he made it through the entire practice even though we shortened his stints in practice.

"He then stayed for a good while after practice and did some shooting, and some very impressive shooting I might add. I stayed there and watched the whole thing. I told Sam Ferry, our manager, that he has to be the easiest guy to rebound for of all-time because the ball just keeps coming through the net and you never have to chase it.

"Andre did not practice, although his range of motion is coming back. He did some things on the side. I'm hopeful he will be ready by gametime (Thursday).

"John is almost a certainty, and Andre is a little less certain, but we're very hopeful. We're hoping to get (Andre) in practice a little bit Tuesday and Wednesday in preparation for the game. If all goes well, then both of them will play."

Jenkins has missed the last two games (stomach illness) while Walker sat out the LSU game (shoulder). The Commodores will next face Ole Miss in Oxford Thursday night at 6 p.m. CT.

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