Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Foster recalls historic senior night

by Barca Blog

March 5, 2008.

The 14,316 of you that were in attendance will never forget what took place on Shan Foster's final home game as a Commodore.

Looking back, I remember standing courtside near the tunnel entrance during the final stages of regulation. Right before Foster hit another well-contested three-pointer to send Vanderbilt into overtime against Mississippi State, I quietly told a co-worker that we might be watching the greatest single-game performance in Commodore history.

Of course, after I made the statement, I thought I had just jinxed the moment (like I do everything else).

But really, nothing any of us would have said or done could have altered history that night.

Not even Doc Brown and his DeLorean.

Shan Foster was on a mission. And thankfully, we were all witnesses.


The Bulldogs return to Memorial tonight for the first time since Shan's epic performance two years ago. I contacted him a few days ago to ask him about what he remembered most about that game.

"Honestly, that was the most amazing day of my life," recalled Foster, who is currently playing professional basketball in Turkey. "A prayer being answered.

"In doing my normal pre-game routine, I prayed and asked God to allow me to play in a way that honored the fans for their continuous and unwavering support of me and our program. The first half seemed as though that prayer had gotten lost in the wind, but God ... Sitting in that locker room at halftime, I had no clue of what was in store for me. I just remember telling myself, 'we can't lose!'

"The rest of the game was like a dramatic movie that kept getting better and better. I would like to take credit for the great performance, but I have to give all the glory to God. The last shot that won the game seemed like an entire half in itself. It was almost as if the ball was taken out of the air and placed into the basket.

"Hearing all the fans erupt as they announced my name for the last time was confirmation that my prayer had been answered. I just hope that my impact on the community came close to their impact on my life, because they are what makes Memorial Magic."


  1. Wow, Foster is so awesome. I really wish God would answer his prayer and hopes of making it in the NBA. Maybe some day soon.

    Such a great guy. I'm still below that 30 age range so in my mind he is by far my favorite Vandy player ever.

  2. I cannot imagine that I will ever experience a live sports event like Shan Foster's performance on senior night again in my life time. I love Shan and was also happy when he received the Lowe's Senior Class award that recognized his contributions on and off the court. God bless you Shan Foster and thanks for the memories.

  3. That video still gives me chills. "Amazing" is selling it short.

    Shan is a class act, and even if he never makes the NBA, he's one of my favorite players ever. Of course, I wouldn't count Shan out; after that special senior night, nobody ever should.

  4. What an awesome game that night. It brings tears to my eyes to see the video again. I thank God I was there to see it. We wish Shan all the best and hope he's happy wherever he will be.

  5. Yeah, and what games did ESPN and ESPN2 and all the other sports networks air that night? Wofford versus Furman? It was the greatest performance that nobody saw. I was listening to the radio broadcast online.

  6. my favorite game in vanderbilt history. because of games like this we have Memorial Magic. Because of games like this, i know what it feels like to be a vanderbilt fan. Thank you Shan. I love you man. Get that foot better and keep trying for the NBA...Oh and if you play Tyler Smith while in Turkey...Give him one Hell of a game for all of us Vandy fans in the States.