Wednesday, January 27, 2010

National media reacts to VU's win

by Barca Blog

Basketball writers from around the country have been tweeting away about Vanderbilt's 85-76 win over Tennessee Wednesday night in Knoxville.

Here's a sample:

Andy Katz (@ESPNAndyKatz): Kevin Stallings doing a phenomenal job so far in the SEC. Vandy win at Tennessee makes Vandy second-best in SEC East (beat Fla.)

Pat Forde (@espn4d): Statement victory by Vandy tonight in Knoxville. Hot team vs. angry team when Dores visit Kentucky Saturday.

Gary Parrish (@garyparrishcbs): Big and Huge! RT @greyraven41: @garyparrishcbs big win for vandy or huge win for vandy?

Jeff Goodman (@goodmanonfox): Vandy finally gets a "resume" win tonight at Tennessee. Now they will get in my Top 25.

Seth Davis (@SethDavisHoops): Okay, Vandy Nation, you win. Commodores win by 9 at Tennessee. I am officially on board.


  1. Seth Davis, bandwagon jumper?? No thanks, your ticket to board was denied. It will be interesting to see media reaction to the full week of play (not just the victory in Knoxville) regardless of the outcome against UK,

  2. Go Dores! We are so proud of you.

  3. Maybe Vanderbilt's angry on Saturday. Any writers ever stopped to think that?

  4. They have a point about us not having a top 25 win before this. Now they have no excuses. Rain the love. Our guys can handle it.

  5. Andy case you haven't noticed, we already beat Florida....we are the best in the SEC with a 5-0 record. Go Dores!!!

  6. The official AP story says that Andre Walker threw the elbow. This is used verbatim on the VU website, as well as all the local national outlets that use the AP wire for game stories.

    Can somebody in media relations get a correction out to the national & local media on this? Walker's a good kid who got popped across the face by J.P. Prince, and the facts need to be cleared up.

  7. Mr. Seth Davis, Unless you have had the good fortune to go to school there...It's Vanderbilt to you.

  8. That's okay Seth, we don't want you on board.

  9. Seth...we just could care less about what you think, man... GO DORES!