Friday, January 29, 2010

Commodores in Lexington

By A. Boggs

The Commodores have made it to Lexington and are now at practice at Rupp Arena. We left a little earlier from Nashville to get ahead of the weather, and lucky for us, we did. The ride up, once we got out of Nashville, was relatively smooth. A movie and a half and we were here.

Here's a pic of Rupp...I trucked it up to the top of section 213 and took this shot. Doesn't matter how many times I walk in here, it's still a pretty awesome site.

We're all looking forward to the game Saturday...if you're traveling, drive safe, and Go 'Dores!

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  1. Well, At least us Vanderbilt people have some respect. I remember Adolf Rupp and the last game he coached at Memorial. I believe it was sometime in Feb. 1972. He was dressed in a brown suit...he looked a bit like an undertaker. The crowd was ready to tear heads off but quieted a little as he walked in with his team. Amazing. The next few years, the 'Dores gave Joe Hall all he could handle.