Friday, January 29, 2010

Calipari reminded of UMass teams

by Barca Blog

Eric Lindsey of Cats Scratches, Kentucky's official blog, contends that Vanderbilt could be the Wildcats' toughest challenge to date. (click to read)

In his post, Lindsey includes quotes from head coach John Calipari, who was complimentary of the Commodores during Friday's media session.

"This (Vanderbilt team) reminds me of my UMass teams," Calipari said. "Just a team that five guys, three guys off the bench, they all know what their jobs are, they make shots. They're tough. They're not beating themselves. You're either beating them or they beat you."

"You can't worry about one guy. Every guy that they have can shoot 3s, can bounce the ball, can pass the ball. Everybody is a basketball player, and they're physically tough. You're not going to out-punk them. That isn't happening. None of that stuff is working in this game. They're a veteran team and they're tough."

You can watch Calipari's entire press conference by clicking here.

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  1. I feel the need to point out that VU will NEVER be like his UMass teams. We play fair. We keep our banners around here.