Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tinsley blogs for his hometown

by Barca Blog

Sophomore guard Brad Tinsley is writing a journal for his hometown newspaper,

In Saturday's entry, Tinsley reflects on several topics including Vanderbilt's season, the challenges of being a student-athlete, and the similarities between Nashville and Portland.

It was also refreshing to read his comments about the mood of the team after the two road wins last week.
"One thing that makes this basketball team very dangerous is its selfless attitude. Coach Kevin Stallings said after the game that the definition of happiness is winning on the road, and you could tell in the locker room afterward how happy we really were. It's special to be part of a group of guys who care more about getting wins than who gets the glory."
To check out the entire blog (including how Brad got Taylor Swift's autograph), click here.

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  1. Love the article ... AND the fact that he talks about us sweeping in Maui! That short memory will continue to serve the young Mr. Tinsley well.