Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Video: Taylor's alley-oop jam

by Barca Blog

A couple of you emailed me about posting footage of Jeff Taylor's monster jam off an inbounds play during the second half of Vanderbilt's 89-79 win over South Carolina.

Well, your wish has been granted.

Check out how high Jeff elevates off the floor after only taking a few steps.

It makes me wanna say, "Jammmmm.... ohhhhhh Jam!"

(You'll also notice that I threw in a Video of the Day in honor of the dunk.)


  1. This one is sweetness. The world is a lesser place because there is no video of the throw-down in Moraga earlier this year, though. It'll just have to grow into a legend ...

  2. Isn't it funny how the SECsports.com highlights are 70% SC? One would think that SC won, especially since this highlight-worthy throwdown was left off the reel. I wish we could compare this one to the St. Mary's dunk since I only heard Joe's call of the play (and the complimentary crowd reaction).

  3. That was an excellent pass by Beal!