Monday, January 25, 2010

Weekly MBB polls and brackets

by Barca Blog

'Dores return to rankings

With a 15-3 record and 4-0 start in conference play, Vanderbilt's men's basketball team reentered the national rankings today. The Commodores vaulted to No. 21 in the AP Top 25 and No. 23 in the ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll.

They've appeared in the Top 25 two other times this season, but dropped out the following week after losing to Cincinnati (Nov. 23) and Illinois (Dec. 8). Click Here to view the complete rankings.

NCAA bracket predictions - Monday update

ESPN's Joe Lunardi has Vanderbilt moving from a 6th seed to a 5th seed.

CNNSI's Andy Glockner also has the 'Dores as a 5th seed, rising from a 6th seed.

CBSsports' Jerry Palm gave VU a 6th seed.

More talk about the 'Dores

ESPN's Andy Katz is impressed with the Commodores in his Weekly Watch:
Vanderbilt has quietly put together quite a season -- it has a 4-0 SEC mark, a 15-3 overall record and is getting quality play from Jeffery Taylor (all 18 points in the second half against Auburn).
CNNSI's Seth Davis explains why he left Vanderbilt out of his AP ballot:
The lack of quality wins remains the only reason I am not ranking Vanderbilt, despite all the, uh, helpful suggestions from Vandy fans that they are ballot-worthy. The Commodores' best wins are over Florida at home and Alabama on the road. Not great, not terrible, but they also lost to Cincinnati and Western Kentucky on neutral courts. Vandy will have plenty of chances to make its case over the next two weeks.
Finally, FoxSports' Jeff Goodman mentions Vanderbilt's tilt at No. 1 Kentucky on Saturday as the second best matchup of the week:
I know it’s at Rupp Arena, but it’ll still be one of the more difficult tests that the Wildcats will face all season.


  1. Hate to say it, but I agree with Seth Davis. I heard Drew Maddox speculating about Vandy in the Elite Eight, or even Final Four (he was quoting what a Nashville collegiate head coach (unnamed) had said). Sanity check: We have 12 SEC games to go. We have beaten 3 average teams, and Florida at home. Nonetheless, "Go 'Dores!"

  2. Sports writers can speak all the b.s. they want but this team deserves more respect. The record alone speaks for its self. Do not talk to me about some game in dec. or lack of quality wins when teams with 5 or 6 losses are ranked higher or teams in the sec with a worse record are ranked higher, It is nothing but saying i am not as big a fan of your team as i am of another.

  3. Seth Davis is an even bigger "homer" than Lou Holtz and his analysis is weak at best. You don't add value by saying "I told you so" 50% of the time... Sure the job is high profile, but so are his father's credentials. And when Vandy wins at Tennessee and loses to Kentucky this week, his response would be "UT was down and also lost to an improving but rebuilding Georgia team". These are two games that are losses according to RPI, but the Dores will win one of them to stay ranked. Coach Stallings, Davis is the greatest source for Vandy billboard material.

  4. hey lloyd nace or what ever your name is. I bet you do not even have season tickets to basketball games or even go to games for that matter.You judge how good this team by how good you think the team is they are playing.This team is solid at every position and has more depth than most plus one of the top 5 coaches in basketball.We are more than capable of winning a national championship.