Saturday, June 5, 2010

Where is Kenny Loggins when you need him

By Eric Jones

As frustrating as today's loss to Louisville still is, you now have a chance to reach back into your memories and remember that movie that always showed the hero with their back against the wall. Pick your movie scene. Rocky Balboa in Rocky III losing to Clubber Lang is probably my favorite. Although Ralph Macchio's Karate Kid ending remains a close second, with the forgettable but catchy song, "You're the Best Around" echoing in your head. For me, it's that Eye of the Tiger moment when Stallone's character seems to swell and rise to the occasion as the movie audience cheers at the screen.

Maybe the Commodores need Survivor or Kenny Loggins to write a quick song that ignites the offensive spark needed to turn around the bats here in Louisville. Nashville is Music City after all. Regardless, this team needs a big day tomorrow. Stay tuned or better yet, come up and be part of what could be that Rocky movement, but please no Frank Stallone references.

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