Saturday, June 12, 2010

TV Coverage Map for Super Regional

(Click on the above photo to enlarge)

The above photo is the television coverage map for today's Super Regional game against Florida State. There are two Super Regional games on ESPN at the 1 p.m. ET/Noon CT slot (TCU vs. Texas is also on ESPN). If you live in Tennessee or Florida you will see the VU vs. FSU game, if you live in Texas you will see the UT vs. TCU game.

All of the other states will receive whip-around coverage between the games in progress.


  1. This is horsesh*t... Give me the Vandy game in Illinois. I hate Texas. I hate soccer. WTF!!!!!

    ESPN went wall-to-wall coverage with f-ing softball, now we can't get our game on anywhere but Tennessee and Florida. But we can get soccer. SOCCER!!

    We don't even have a soccer team (And I won't recognize our women's team until we re-add the men's equivalent.)

    F- ESPN. F- women's bowling. Where the F- is Vandy baseball. I hate you ESPN.

  2. Yeah, ESPN freaking sucks. A shameful network driven by money.

  3. I live in Boston and was a little bit angry when the Texas game was on ESPN instead of the Vandy game. I am on the East coast, right? Florida is on the east coast??? Texas is way far away....At least ESPN3 carried it, would not have wanted to miss this great game!! One more......

  4. I was in Chattanooga, and the Texas game was on instead of Vandy.