Saturday, June 5, 2010

Corbin sympathizes with U of L coach's plight

By David Rutz

To hear Tim Corbin tell it, being suspended is like being Tom Hanks in Cast Away.

So he feels for Louisville head coach Dan McDonnell, who was suspended for three games prior to his team’s NCAA Regional and will miss today’s pivotal contest against the Commodores at Jim Patterson Stadium.

“I just remember the game that I had to sit out against Tennessee,” Corbin said. “It’s like you’re pounding on the glass and yelling at the top of their lungs and no one can see you and no one can hear you. I hate it. It’s terrible.”

The two skippers have known each other since the 1990s, when Corbin coached at Presbyterian College and Clemson, and McDonnell was an assistant at The Citadel and Ole Miss.

McDonnell received the punishment after getting ejected for arguing and making contact with umpires during his team’s loss to St. John’s in the Big East Tournament. Unlike Hanks though, he had other things besides a volleyball to console him.

Assistant coaches Chris Lemonis and Roger Williams took the helm in the Cardinals’ Regional opener against St. Louis, an 11-2 victory. However, Louisville lost its only other game against Vanderbilt this season 11-10 in a 17-inning marathon at
Hawkins Field on May 11.

McDonnell will have to sit back and watch this game from the sidelines.

“It’s frustrating,” Corbin said. “You go through the season and you coach your kids and you’re not able to coach. That’s a tough one.”

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