Thursday, June 24, 2010

Vanderbilt’s NBA Draft history

By Ryan Schulz

With the 2010 NBA Draft taking place at 6 p.m. CT on ESPN tonight, let’s take a look back at Vanderbilt’s NBA Draft history.

Since 1950, Vanderbilt has had 33 players selected in the NBA Draft. Billy Joe Adcock was the first Commodore selected in 1950 by Fort Wayne and Shan Foster was the most recent player to hear his name called when he was selected in the second round of the 2008 draft by Dallas.

Will another Commodore hear his name called tonight? Jermaine Beal and A.J. Ogilvy certainly hope so. Either way, the two Commodores have professional careers ahead of them no matter what happens tonight.

The NBA Draft is comprised of two rounds and there are a total of 60 players selected. Three teams, Charlotte, Cleveland and Denver, are without draft picks.

Year Player - Team Round

2008 Shan Foster - Dallas 2nd

2007 Derrick Byars - Portland (Traded to Philadelphia) 2nd

2004 Matt Freije - Miami 2nd

2000 Dan Langhi - Dallas (Traded to Houston) 2nd

1989 Frank Kornet - Milwaukee 2nd

1988 Will Perdue - Chicago 1st (11th pick)

1987 Glen Clem - New York 5th

1984 Jeff Turner - New Jersey 1st (7th pick)

1981 Charles Davis - Washington 2nd

Mike Rhodes - San Antonio 5th

1980 Tommy Springer - Denver 7th

1976 Butch Feher - Phoenix 2nd

Jeff Fosnes - Golden State 4th

1974 Jan van Breda Kolff - Portland 2nd

Terry Compton - Kansas City-Omaha 4th

Bill Ligon - Detroit 10th

1973 Steve Turner - Boston 10th

Rod Freeman - Philadelphia 11th

1971 Thorpe Weber - Boston 6th

1970 Perry Wallace - Philadelphia 5th

1969 Tom Hagan - San Francisco 3rd

Bob Bundy - Atlanta 7th

1968 Bob Warren - Atlanta 4th

Bo Wyenandt - Cincinnati 10th

1967 Jerry Southwood - Baltimore 18th

1966 Clyde Lee - San Francisco 1st (3rd pick)

Keith Thomas - Los Angeles 6th

1961 Bill Depp - Boston 3rd

1959 Jim Henry - Minneapolis 6th

1957 Al Rochelle - St. Louis 5th

1954 Dan Finch - Minneapolis N/A

1951 George Kelley - Indianapolis N/A

1950 Billy Joe Adcock - Fort Wayne N/A

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