Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weather Delay

By Eric Jones

The game has been stopped for a minimum of 30 minutes as lightning was detected in the immediate area. The tarp is being put on the field as this is being posted. The start of the waiting period is 4:07 pm (eastern). So you are looking at the earliest possible time would be 4:37 pm.

No truth whatsoever to the rumor that Corbs told the umpiring crew that Vanderbilt would play through it.


  1. You can't watch 2 perfect pitches go by, then swing on a sinker and expect to win the game... Not to mention the bad umping... Worst I've seen in a long time...

  2. Terrible umpiring today behind the plate.

  3. How can Armstrong have the biggest game of his career and come out and stink it up. To passive at the plate wether ump was bad or not when your down o-2 or 1-2 it's hard to hit his pitch. Oh well coach Corbin will have them back . So long SRs. thanks for doing all you did. Get further than any other VU team. We will get next season.

  4. Kudos to the Vandy players and their coaches. Thanks for letting us watch baseball for just a little bit longer.....You guys were great, so much.....And for the blogger that is complaining about the pitching and get up at the plate with a bat and try to hit the ball......How many pitches would you watch go by?????? Really.