Friday, June 11, 2010

Coin toss now looms large

By Eric Jones

In the initial meeting with both Vanderbilt and FSU team officials and administrators yesterday, there was a coin-toss initiated by a member of the NCAA Tournament committee. The coin-toss was done to determine which team would be the home team should the best-of-three series go through Sunday. FSU head coach Mike Martin was given the privilege as host to call heads or tails. He chose tails and the coin came up heads, so Tim Corbin won the right for Vanderbilt to be home team in the final game. Now that may prove to be an advantage with the Dores losing today 9-8 on a walk-off homerun.

Vanderbilt benefited at the NCAA Regional in Louisville in a similar manner as it was determined that Louisville had been the home team more than the visiting team during the tournament. The result, Vanderbilt was named as the home team for the championship game and had that last opportunity when Connor Harrell capitalized with the game-winning bunt. Now the Commodores will fight for that chance to take this series to Sunday.

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