Saturday, September 5, 2009

Your Saturday Tweets

by Barca Blog - I thought it would be fun to browse Twitter to see what Commodore fans are saying on gameday. Here's a sample below. Remember, you can follow my page @BarcaBlog and football score updates @VandyFootball)

@musicstyle: is almost done with work and then time to go have fun!!! Oh, and GO VANDY!!!

@AfraidToFly: can't wait to go to the vandy game!!! GO DORES!!! for reals! =]

@MrEccentric822: Can't wait for the Vandy Game tonight!!

@sarahodonohue: Gotta love big-little workouts! :). So ready for tailgating and football today! This is what Vandy is all about!! Go 'Dores!

@AN5: Vandy home opener tonight vs. the Catamounts of Western Carolina. so pumped. used to hate SEC football. now a fan.


@mikephipps5: tailgating who are we? Vandy!

@jessluthy: Oh and SO PUMPED for football season to start and all things Vandy that go along with

@JackShell: Wearing my Vandy jersey, so excited for tonight's game! Go DORES!

@austinelson: WHOO! There is nothing better then the first day of VANDY FOOTBALL!

@uffel: NOW school's back in session. Tailgates and Vanderbilt football.

@zackmcm: Who could've guessed three years ago I'd be feeling much better about the football prospects of Vanderbilt Gold than those of UMich blue?

@Cmerbitz: The wait is almost over!! Vanderbilt Football is finally back. lets see if we can make it 2 str8 bowls

@kcvandysae: Counting down to the start of Vanderbilt's quest for a BCS championship.

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