Friday, July 17, 2009

School is out and I ain't been on the court yet....

By Weinman - With apologies to Will Smith, it may be summer time but school is in session and the Commodore women's basketball team is finding plenty time to get out on the court. The ladies got a pickup game together earlier this week at the Student Recreation Center and I stopped by to grab the first photo of the 2009-10 squad.

In the photo, Merideth Marsh, Lauren Lueders and Jessica Mooney and kneeling in front of (also left to right) Hannah Tuomi, Jordan Coleman, Ashlee Bridge, Jence Rhoads, Stephanie Holzer, Tiffany Clarke, Gabby Smith, Rebecca Silinski, Angela Puleo and Elan Brown. Apologies if the quality of the photo isn't up to par, but I shot this on my camera phone so I could get it up on our Twitter page quickly.

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