Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gate 2 Progress

by Barca Blog - Here's a sweet photo of the progress being made on the Gate 2 entrance Vanderbilt Football Stadium (courtesy of John Russell). As you can see, signage has been added to the top of the main structure in front of the plaza area. Click the above photo to make it bigger.

If you'd like to support Vanderbilt's facility upgrades, please contact the National Commodore Club at (615) 322-4114.


  1. This looks like a real football stadium! I never thought the old place could ever look this good. My hats off to the great team in charge at our university....job well done!! Go Dores!

  2. Pretty sweet deal. Can't wait until the north endzone seating is installed. Then it'll really start to look like an SEC stadium.

  3. They need to close in the north side and have a complete bowl. Maybe if they win another bowl game and generate more revenue, that will happen. They really need to have more than a 39,000 seat stadium in the $EC.

  4. looks nice.
    hope it isn't all for naught since the power lines are kept out of view by the wide angle lens.
    C'mon Dores, drop the lines below ground and the place will be incredible.

  5. They really need to bring the seats back to the North endzone. Actually, with the loss of them a couple of years back, did the stadium fall below the minimum capacity for a D-1 stadium? Thought it was 37,000 minimum? It needs to be bowled. This subject was brought up after the 8-4 campaign of 1982 with Bronson Ingram and others...