Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Former 'Dores begin NFL training camp

By Ryan Schulz - The Commodores are just over a week from beginning fall football practice, but many former Commodores have already begun or will be starting NFL training camp by the end of the week.

Below are the start dates for former Commodores at training camp.

Buffalo: July 25 (Marcus Buggs)
Carolina: Aug. 3 (Justin Geisinger)
Chicago: July 31 (Earl Bennett, Jay Cutler, Hunter Hillenmeyer, D.J. Moore and Chris Williams)
Detroit: July 31 (Curtis Gatewood)
Dallas: July 29 (Matt Stewart)
New York Giants: Aug. 3 (Jonathan Goff)
Philadelphia: July 26 (Reshard Langford)
St. Louis: July 31 (Sean Walker)
Tennessee: July 31 (Jovan Haye)
Washington: July 30 (Todd Yoder)


  1. isn't George Smith with the Bears also?

  2. The Bears brought him to a camp, but he was not offered a contract