Friday, December 12, 2008

Working Together in Music City

Wow, what a super busy and exciting week as Vanderbilt focuses upon its Gaylord Hotel Music City Bowl preparation! Specialists from every corner of the University are pitching in to help sell tickets, promote the fun and unite alumni and friends during this special week. It's a massive effort and it's just gaining momentum.

Very soon you are going to see announcements for special events surrounding the big game, Commodore parties that will enhance the bowl's own agenda.

The enthusiasm has quickly spread beyond our campus borders. Town and Gown are promoting ticket sales - notice that's the second time I've mentioned that and it's for a reason! We are probably at about 8,500 tickets from our block of 14,000 when adding team and marching band needs into the mix. I just heard that rumor on the street that we've sold a thousand or two tickets - totally false. We want to help make the bowl a success and to do that we need you!

There's a very cool "Hatch Show Print" type poster that we'll be busy putting in area businesses this weekend. If you see one, thank the store manager for displaying it.

We've sent several hundred thousand email alerts to a wide variety of lists. Because of the tight sales timetable, most of the sales have been on-line. You might want to teach Grandpa how to use the internet and order on-line because this is the way of the future if not the present.


  1. Loved the posters around town! Any chance of getting one???

  2. I agree. The poster is great. What is the chance of purchasing the poster? Thanks

  3. I second. I have looked all over, but have been unable to find a poster. Could y'all print some more? I know a number of alum who want to buy one.

  4. Rocket-
    I have at least 7 buyers and if it were actually advertised, I bet you'd have at least 1,000! Who do I need to contact to get these posters reprinted? They were all gone within a day of them being distributed to local businesses!

  5. Who do I need to contact to get these posters reprinted? I know of at least 7 people who would pay for them, and if they went up on Vandy's website, I'm sure you'd have hundreds of buyers. They were gone from area shops the day they were delivered. Please help.

  6. please call 322-4121 and as for someone in the marketing department.