Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Band and Cheer take over downtown

(Picture courtesy of Steve Green)

Several thousand people converged on 2nd Avenue Tuesday night to see the annual Battle of the Bands between the spirit squads from Vanderbilt and Boston College.

And bowl fever filled the air from the get-go.

"Vanderbilt fans were rowdy,” said cheer coach Pam Pearson. “It was crazy from the moment we got off the bus.”

With spectators lined up on both sides of the street, each school began marching from opposite directions before meeting at the intersection of 2nd Avenue and Commerce for a pep showdown. Each band belted out six songs in a back-and-forth format with interactive cheers mixed in. Both teams were awarded a special guitar for their efforts (although no winner was announced).

And the night wasn't over just yet.

Vanderbilt then took its parade to an alumni gathering at B.B. King's Blues Club highlighted by the crowd rising from their seats to sing the Alma mater.

Follow that up with more impromptu stops at a few downtown establishments and it was a special evening for Commodore fans still soaking in the excitement of the football team’s first bowl appearance since 1982.

"The whole night was amazing,” Pearson said. “I've been here seven years and it was the best pep rally we've ever had. It was just outstanding."


  1. when will the winner of the battle of the bands be announced?

  2. They didn't announce one, but if you took a straw poll, most people would say Vanderbilt was the clear winner.