Thursday, December 18, 2008

Promoting the Bowl Behind the Scenes...

It's 13 days until the Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl. Do you know where your tickets are?

We've got the most intensive push I've seen here to promote our appearance to the point where we literally could not list all the marketing activities in motion. Here are a few:

* Coach Johnson sent an automated phone message to 33,000 alumni living within 3+ hours of Nashville.
* 1,190 calls made to season tickets holders Wednesday night
* George Plaster's "The Zone" coming on campus next Tuesday (23rd)for an afternoon of Commodore football talk.
* Great videos by our campus experts - check them out on the bowl central page if you haven't seen them. New one coming Friday late afternoon from His Honor, the Mayor of Nashville!
* Look for Coach Johnson to be honored during the Titans-Steelers game Sunday.
* Outreach into all corners of the Nashville citizentry. Thanks to Tennessee State for its neighborly assistance!
* Look for a full page letter from Chancellor Zeppos and Mayor Dean in the front section of Sunday's Tennessean along with the Tennessee Tribune and Nashville Pride papers.
* There are some neat Vandy special events in concert with the regular bowl activities - particularly the Tuesday night "Bash" at BB King's after the Battle of the Bands and the tailgate and Starwalk before the big game. All information found on bowl central.

Help us paint Nashville Black and Gold!

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  1. There was a phone call from Bobby? My phone must not be working???!!! Or he must have called while I was in the hospital? Hmmm.