Monday, December 29, 2008

How much for one rib?

You might remember the title to this blog... It was a line by Chris Rock in a popular Wayans' film from the 80's (I'm Gonna Get You...).

Well, there were more than enough ribs to go around the main dining area of the General Jackson Showboat Sunday night for the Gaylord Hotels Music City Bowl's official Welcome Party.

The event featured a couple of friendly competitions between Vanderbilt and Boston College (including a Rib Eating Contest) to get the juices flowing before kickoff on Wednesday.

Unfortunately for us, the Eagles opened the night by taking the sports trivia challenge and the 4-man Rib Eating Contest.

There was only one hope left to keep the enemy from sweeping the night. His name? Eric Hensley.

Watch what happens by clicking here.

And in honor of Hensley winning the individual strap (a wrestling term for "title belt"), here's a clip of the day courtesy of Johnny Drama. I think you know what's coming.

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